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Your site entry ticket gives you two consecutive days to explore and enjoy Port Arthur Historic Site’s many sites

Port Arthur Site Entry

The final resting place for over 1,000 convicts, soldiers and free settlers

Site Entry + Isle of the Dead cemetery tour

In the 1800s, whenever any guests or dignitaries visited the convict colony, the Commandant would host a tour of the facilities.

Site Entry + Commandant's Walking Tour

Introducing the Escape from Port Arthur tour, a walking true crime adventure novel. You'll meet cunning and criminal characters, some clever, some courageous and some without hope.

Site Entry + Escape from Port Arthur tour

Site Entry + Isle of the Dead + Escape from Port Arthur

Stories of unexplained occurrences told by the light of a lantern

Port Arthur Ghost Tour

Two-course dinner package at 1830 Restaurant and Bar combined with a ghost tour

After Dark Package